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Herb Haines

After corresponding with Markus Gross of German Kinetics in Germany we decided to field test the new Silver Flame broadheads. These are without a doubt the most impressive looking 2 blade broadhead that I have had the opportunity to test. To say they are sharp from the factory is an understatement. The edge is surgically sharp including the back side of the blade.The trailing edge, or backside is ground to the same angle as the leading edge, however it is not leather stroped like the leading edge is.

We in North America tend to think of a heavy weight broadhead as an item we shoot on traditional archery equipment, but according to Marcus the rest of the world is using these broadheads on compound bows as well. The Broadheads I received from Markus are the 150 grain Silver Flames. They are a 2 blade 2 piece broadhead
Blade: Stainless steel 440B, HRC 55-57, subzero-quenched, thickness 1.80mm (.071"),  1  1/8" cutting diam.
Ferrule : Aluminum 7075 T6
Screws: Stainless steel with TORX-drive.

As I was interested in using the silver flame with my longbows and Recurves this is where I started the testing. The Arrows i chose to work with are weighted carbon Shafts that are Known to be straight. Every one of the 6 Silver flames spun perfectly assuring me of the quality of the machining and assembly. Next I chose to do some target shooting and see how well they flew from my Firehawk longbow. There were no surprises here as they flew perfectly and easily sliced into the targets. As for grouping this was short lived as the third arrow sliced the feathers from the second. The point was proven that they fly true at low speeds.[165 FPS].

Thinking about what Markus had said about these being designed for higher speed compounds I decided to screw them onto some lightweight carbons and shoot them at a higher speed to see if wind planning would be a problem. The setup was chronographer at 280 fps and again they flew true out to 50 yards, which is as far as I shot with them.

Now was the time to see just how tough they were. I had just finished butchering a bull Moose and I saved the shoulder blades for calling with next year, and to do some broadhead testing with. That Silver Flames were shot into the blade in several locations and they came thru with flying colors. They easily smashed thru the thick and thin sections and remained sharp and straight. Each blade was spun after shooting thru the shoulder blade and each one still spun perfectly.

I have not had the opportunity yet to test these on game animals but the season is still underway and with luck I will have the opportunity to do this. {Actually I did have the opportunity and I cleanly shot over a nice whitetail.}I am fully confident after shooting the silver Flames that they will certainly be a very good performer. They fly straight and are strong with a very sharp factory edge, These are a broadhead that does not need sharpening before use, and I doubt that most of us could duplicate the edge that comes from German Kinetics. If your preference is a heavy head they are available in weights ranging from 125 Grains up to 180 grains. Lifetime Warranty

All GERMAN KINETICS products offer a limited lifetime warranty.

This warranty is intended to cover product damage incurred while hunting or during typical non-abusive practice sessions or failure due to workmanship.

Please inform us at once, should any product need repair or replacement of parts.

The lifetime warranty does not pertain to normal product wear, retention of cutting edge on broadheads or damages deemed to be caused by customer misuse. GERMAN KINETICS retains the right to determine validity of all warranty claims based on product damage or faulty workmanship.

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The customer will bare the burden of responsibility for all shipping costs associated with the return of all unused products.

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